The first team ad, and first time the Media Allstars name was used. 2004 ATV Olympics event program.

2004 Glen Helen ATV National event program ad. The Team’s Official National Debut.

2004 Round Two Gatorback

2004 Round Three Echeconnee MX

2004 Round Four Danville, VA

2004 Round Five Budd’s Creek

2004 Round Six Muddy Creek

2004 Round Seven Red Bud

2004 Round Eight Lincoln Trail MX

2004 Round Nine High Point Raceway

2004 Round Ten Daniel Boone

2004 Round Eleven Southwick

2004 Round Twelve Loretta Lynn’s

2004 TT Round One. “Boy Sets Fire” Zac Willett Pro Class Ad

2004 TT Round Five: Zac Willett Ad #2

2004 TT Round Six

2004 12 Hours Of America Team Ad

2005 MX Round One Glen Helen

2005 MX Round Two Lake Whitney

2005 MX Round Three Gatorback

2005 MX Round Four Echeconnee MX

2005 MX Round Five Birch Creek

2005 MX Round Six Budd’s Creek

2005 MX Round Seven Red Bud

2005 MX Round Eight Muddy Creek

2005 MX Round Nine High Point Raceway

2005 MX Round Twelve Loretta Lynn’s Two Page Spread

2007 Team Ad in ATV Exposed Magazine

2007 Team Ad ATV Insider Magazine

2007 ATV Insider Ad

2011 Event Program Ad