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Survive and Advance…High Point MX 2016


Morehead, KY – Racing on any given weekend is a fun experience.  It’s a time to enjoy being outside, being with friends and family and doing what you love.  The tough reality is that not every race weekend goes as planned.  Mother Nature has a way of zapping the joy out of our lives.  Wouldn’t it be nice if racing were like a cookout, you just move everything inside or like baseball you put a tarp on the field and when it’s done raining you’ve got dry dirt!  Racing isn’t like that, no matter how much we hate rain and mud the show must go on.  Some riders love the mud,  a muddy track can be an equalizer as the fastest guys aren’t always the fastest in the mud.  Typically when it’s a “mudder” you’ll see all the fast guys in a deep depression while the slower guys in each class start to get excited because they know that anything can happen in the muck.  The Racer Productions track crew did all they could for the track on Saturday and Sunday but the racing was still more about survival than anything else.

One rider that hates the mud as much as anyone else but seemed to thrive in the muddy conditions that High Point Raceway dished out was none other than Media Allstars Team Manager Chase Cunningham.  Chase used the knowledge and experience he’s gained over what seems like a lifetime of ATVMX racing to nail his setup and put his TC Racing Engines powered machine out front.  Cunningham took moto wins on Saturday and Sunday in the 25+ class going 1-1 for the overall.  It seems kind of ironic that the #419 ended a bit of a personal overall win drought on a rain soaked track. (see irony underlined and high lighted)


Chase Cunningham landed on the top spot of the box for the first time since 2011!


That TC Racing power! Cunningham ripping a nice holeshot in Sunday’s 25+ main

Another rider that faired well in the muddy conditions was Zach Kaczmarzyk.  Zach continues to show that his decision to jump in to the deep end of the pool wasn’t a foolish one.  The Illinois native used 4-2 moto scores to take home his 2nd podium of the year in the Pro Sport class.  Zach was also rolling in the Pro Am class as well on Sunday until a broken nerf bar caused him to have a nice little get off costing him any hope of a decent finish.  We are thrilled with the way the #41 machine continues to push his way to the front of the pack it’s no easy task to go from B class to Pro Sport and Pro-Am!


Did we mention the mud yet? Kaczmarzyk survived and even landed on the Pro Sport Podium.

Shermansdale, PA rider Josh Holley continues to get faster as he adapts to the power of the 450cc machines.  Josh used 4-3 finshes in the Open C class to land to take 3rd overall at High Point.


Josh Holley battling not only his competition but terrible racing conditions as well.

Sometimes in racing it feels like you just can’t catch a break.  Brandon Cesaroni knows this feeling all to well.  Brandon has the speed to run up front every time the B class gate drops and he’s proven he can not only run up front but that he can win!  Unfortunately fate hasn’t been on his side as of late.  A practice crash the week of the Ironman race led him to race a borrowed bike while riding with a really sore body.  Brandon got everything back together on his bike for High Point only to see Mother Nature slap him in the face with the muddy conditions.  The #243 still managed a moto podium on the weekend and still has himself 3rd in points in the Production B class.  Hang in there Brandon your luck will turn around it’s only a matter of time.


Brandon Cesaroni still sit’s 3rd in Production B points after High Point

Another rider that has had his share of bad luck this season is Michael Perkins.  The mud just didn’t treat Michael well on Saturday at High Point which forced him out of Sunday’s 16-24 main event.  Perkins like Cesaroni just needs a few things to go right and he’ll be right there in the thick of things.


Michael Perkins didn’t enjoy the mud but that didn’t stop him from cheering on his teammates!

On a positive note…Emily Saieva made some ATV Racing history at High Point.  She became the first female to win a moto in a class higher than 50cc since 2012!  Emily raced her way to 1-2 moto scores for 2nd overall in the 90 auto sr. class.  With only a limited schedule she’s attending due to school and travel Emily sits in 2nd place in the 90 auto sr points!

1 emily

Emily Saieva was all smiles after her moto win on Saturday!

Another positive from High Point is that we welcomed back Alec Miller.  Alec only attended one race last season and that was Red Bud where he broke his wrist.  We’re beyond glad to have the #97 machine back under our tents after dealing with injuries that past 2 seasons.  When healthy Alec is one of the fastest racers on the gate.


Alec Miller was looking good in Friday’s practice until the rain set in. We’re super excited to have him back on the track

zach pic

Zach Kaczmarzyk was pumped to win the “best whip” picture.

pit set up

Our pits looked great on Friday for practice…before the rain set in.

In less than a week we travel to the great state of Alabama to try our hand a the legendary Monster Mountain track.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Mother Nature cooperates and we get a great track to show case our skills on.  See you there!


Let’s all pray this is the last time any of us look like this after a moto in 2016


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