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Allstars Gear Up for Ironman MX 2017

Morehead Ky – Team Media Allstars is gearing up for what would be round 4 of the ATVA MX National series…except it’s not.  It’s technically round 3 but round 3 was suppose to be High Point which was postponed…then canceled.  One might say these last few weeks have gotten a little confusing  to say the least.  No matter the war for National Championships rages on and so do we.

The first 2 amateur rounds of the series are in the books and MAS riders have shown consistency and speed which is always a deadly combination.

Media Allstars Pro Class Rookie Zach Kaczmarzyk #41 is showing that he belongs by earning 11th place in the worlds fastest class at Monster Mountain. He hopes to crack the top 10 at Ironman next weekend.

Team Rookie (first year rider) Gabe Dommer #171 has shown flashes of the speed he’ll need to compete in the B classes this year. Gabe has been inside the top 10 in both his B classes at both Underground MX and Monster Mountain. Considering he didn’t get to ride at all before the season started his speed and endurance will only get better and so will his finishes. Look for the #171 on the podium soon.

Brandon Cessaroni #243 is still adjusting to the speed and intensity of the A classes after making the jump in 2017. Brandon has finished 7th both times out this season in Production A and he’s also added 2 4th place rides in the 16-24 class so far this season. Brandon is riding lights out so those finishes will only get better.

We weren’t sure how many races we’d get out of Michael Perkins as he was going to just do a few National rounds. He’s shown that even though he’s a little rusty he’s still got the speed to compete at the national level.

Another Team Rookie is Lawrenceburg, KY’s Caleb Hatter #22. Caleb had a couple of mishaps slow him down at Monster Mountain but he bounced back nicely and earned 5th place in the Schoolboy Sr. class. Caleb has a lot to learn in a hurry as he’s not ran many nationals before this year and he’s in 2 of the fastest youth classes on the planet in Schoolboy and Youth Allstar. We’re confident that he’ll pick up speed and consistency

We’ll keep with the MAS team rookie theme for a second here. Jordan Trimble #18 has trained hard all offseaon, going as far as to enlist in the popular training program appropriately named “The Program”. Jordan has seen his speed and endurance improve which is a testament to his dedication and hard work. A 3rd place overall in Open C was the result at Monster Mountain but most encouraging part about that podium finish was that Jordan was able to lead 3 laps of the main event. Given a little more seat time the #18 machine will find the top spot on the podium

Team Veteran…which is very odd to say about someone that is only 17 years old, but in fairness Josh Holley #7 joined the team when he was fresh out of diapers. Josh has really made strides the past 2 seasons as he was without question one of if not the fastest C class rider a year ago and this year he’s running the B classes. Josh’s finishes at Monster Mountain were not what he wanted but 4th place in 2 B classes your first time out is by no means a poor outing. Josh has the speed and he’s only going to get faster. Josh Holley won’t settle for anything less than podium finishes and that’s exactly what he’ll aim for at Ironman MX next weekend.

Last but not least Media Allstars Team Captain/Manager Chase Cunningham #419 put in a solid weekend in Alabama. Chase has really gotten serious with his training over the winter dropping nearly 25lbs, that training was paying off at round 2 big time. The former 2 time National Champion took home 2 moto wins for 1st overall in the 30+ class and managed 3rd place in the always fast 25+ class. Cunningham feels he’s got the speed to make another championship run in both of his classes so the next few rounds should be interesting for sure.

See everyone next weekend at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, IN.



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