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Gone too soon…RIP Dan Hoisington

Intense, Relentless, Driven, Racer, Brother, Son, Teammate, Competitor.  These words are the first ones that come to my mind as I sit here and type this.  I’m actually still in shock, so what few words come to my mind I’ll try to include here.  Today we learned that we lost not only a teammate, but a moto brother.

Dan Hoisington caught my eye in 2010 at the Red Budd National.  He was a kid from North Eastern, OH, who was racing the C classes that weekend.  I noticed him because he was beating the tar out of my guys.  Dan was on fire that weekend, and looked like a kid with a ton of talent, and loads of potential on the Motocross track.  That off-season, I guess fate stepped in and I received a resume from this young rider from Medina, OH that rode a yellow Suzuki #71.  I remembered that yellow bike as my mind flashed back to the beating he handed my riders at Red Bud.  To make a long story short, it didn’t take a lot of arm twisting for me to find a spot on our newly rebooted Media Allstars “Amateur Powerhouse” Race Team for the 2011 season.  We added a ton of talent to our roster that season, and even won the 2011 Team of the year award.  Dan was a huge part of that success as he was fast, consistent and just had this intensity about him.

The word intensity keeps coming to mind when I think about Dan.  Mainly because he reminded me of how I approached racing when I was his age.  I couldn’t accept the fact that you don’t win every race and that sometimes in racing, crap happens that is out of your control, or you make a mistake and it just wasn’t your weekend.  Dan, like me, would get tore up when he’d blow a lead or have a bad moto etc…  He was an intense competitor!

Words don’t really do justice to describe someone’s life.  There just aren’t enough of them and they all seem to be meaningless.  Dan Hoisington was a Media Allstar, Dan was one of us.  We lost an alumni brother….a teammate.  We always say that once you’re an Allstar you’re an Allstar for life, I’ll go a step farther with that and say that once you’re a member of this family, you’re in for eternity.  Dan may be gone, but he will NEVER be forgotten.  It’s from the very bottom of all our hearts, and from every single member of this MAS family, that we say RIP Dan Hoisington we will miss you!  We send our thoughts and Prayers to the ones you left behind, you were loved by more than you’ll ever know. -Chase Cunningham

Just to add my own two cents, Dan was an awesome guy all around. His on-track intensity was only matched by his ability to make you laugh off of the track. He exuded passion and had a relentless desire to perform well. His family is as blue collar as they come, and embodied everything we try to be about. I’m devastated by this loss, yet every time I look at these pics, I can’t help but smile. Rest In Peace Dan, you’ll never be forgotten. We love you brother. – Jorge

 Post by: Chase Cunningham (Media Allstars Team Manager)

Photos by: Jorge Cuartas (Media Allstars Founder and Owner)

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