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Finally back on the track…Ironman MX 2017

Morehead, KY – After what felt like an eternity the ATVMX National Series presented by CST and Wiseco got back underway over the weekend.  We had been chomping at the bits to get back on the track after the High Point round was cancelled do to fears of heavy rain in the southern PA area.  It’s rare that you get a nice 4 week break in the middle of the race season but we took advantage of it by getting a little extra practice in and dialing our bikes in…oh and catching up on work around the house is a plus as well.

This round was held at the soon to be world famous Ironman Raceway.  The facility in Crawfordsville, IN is quickly becoming one of the best in the country with the new upgrades they continue to churn out.  Combine the facility with a great track and great weather…well you get a beautiful weekend full of intense MX racing!  Team Media Allstars shook off the rust on Saturday by taking home a win and some really nice moto podiums.  The main events on Sunday weren’t as kind to us but hey that’s how racing works sometimes.  So without further delay lets take a look at how our troops faired.

It’s been a while since Media Allstars had a Pro Rookie that shows as much promise as Zach Kaczmarzyk #41. We had jokingly put some pressure on Zach after his impressive 11th overall performance at Monster Mountain by saying in our last report he was gunning for a top 10. Zach didn’t back down from the challenge and even though he got minimal seat time between rounds he was able to line up against the fastest ATV Racers in the world and do just that…earn a top 10 finish. Zach actually bested a top 10 by getting 9th overall in the fastest class on the planet. The full time college student now sits in 11th place in the AMA ATV Pro Class points as we head into Muddy Creek in a few weeks.

Shermansdale PA’s Josh Holley #7 had some nice motos at Ironman MX. Josh hasn’t been able to practice any this year due to the North Eastern PA weather but he’s starting to show that his late season surge last year was no fluke. Josh went 3-4 for 4th in Open B and saved his best performance for last as he went 5-2 for 3rd overall in the Production B class. With any luck and a little practice between rounds we may see Josh on top of the podium in a few weeks.

Josh Holley #7 preparing for battle

Team Rookie B class racer Gabe Dommer #171 made the best of horrible “computer generated” gate picks all day on Saturday. Each time Gabe pulled into staging it seemed like he was cursed as he got the worst gates all day. Racing sometimes is about over coming adversity and that’s what Gabe did by earning a 5-3 moto score for 4th overall in 450B and now sits in 2nd place in the series points.

A Team Media Allstars Rookie we hadn’t gotten to see yet was Gage Beebe #99. Gage didn’t turn 16 until the week before the Ironman race so he wasn’t able to compete in the 450 classes prior to round 3…or 4….or what ever round this is! Gage raced 3 classes and was pretty impressive for never racing a 450 machine before. The young rider from Cedar Rapids, IA went 3-8 for 6th in 450C, 4-4 for 4th in B-C Limited and 3-6 for 6th in Production C. We’re excited to see how the rest of the season plays out for the #99 as he gets more comfortable on the 450cc machine.

Gage Beebe #99 eyeing the holeshot

Caleb Hatter is still trying to get the hang of the fast pace of the Schoolboy Sr. and Youth Allstar classes. The #22 machine faired pretty good except for a crash on the start of his last moto of the day. Caleb went 6-5 for 6th in Schoolboy Sr. and 8-11 for 10th in Youth Allstar.

Caleb and his “mechanic” Mike Hatter discuss race strategy prior to the Schoolboy Sr. main

Sometimes a rider keeps trying to break down metal barriers and it seems like they keep hitting their head against the wall. Jordan Trimble is that rider for Media Allstars. Jordan has increased his speed from a year ago, he’s got his training right, and he takes his program as series as anyone in the game. The Falmouth, KY rider just has one small issue…himself. Trimble proves each round that he has the speed to win and to run up front in the C classes. He has led laps at Monster Mountain and he led several laps at Ironman. Once the #18 machine gets out of his own way lookout! We have all the confidence in the world that this kid will get his first national win really really soon. Jordan was leading and looked like he was about to check out and cross that mental hurdle until a mid moto crash took that momentum. Not willing to give up this Team Rookie came back in his next moto and earned himself a podium finish by going 4-3 for 3rd in Open C. It would have been nice to see him win that 450C overall…maybe Muddy Creek he’ll knock down that barrier and claim the top spot on the box.

Brandon Cesaroni continues to adapt to the speed and aggression that comes with racing the Production A class. Brandon has the speed to compete but a moto 1 crash took away the possibility of a top 5 finish at Ironman. The #243 faired better in the College Boy class by going 4-8 for 7th place. Speed is not Brandon’s issue right now he just has to get more consistent on his starts, once that happens we’ll see this Illinois rider up front.

Team Captain and Manager Chase Cunningham #419 was trying to make it 2 in a row in the 30+ class but after a moto win on Saturday he came out on the worst end of a battle for the lead in Sunday’s main event which gave him a 4th overall. Cunningham bounced back though and put in a really impressive ride in the 25+ class by charging up to 2nd place on Sunday to take a 3rd overall for the 2nd straight weekend in the class.

Racing is why we’re here but it’s nice to unwind and spend some quality time with friends. We try to have a few team dinners each year and this year we decided to have a taco bar at Ironman. Maybe we all ate too much and that’s why our Sunday results weren’t as good as our Saturday results? Regardless everyone enjoyed sitting down and doing a little bench racing. Media Allstars is more than a race team….we’re a huge extended family and that’s what makes our sport special.


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